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Carbon Sequestration brainstorm

Carbon Sequestration brainstorm - 21:09 Helping to develop...

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ES FINAL ESSAY BRAINSTORM 21:09 Carbon Sequestration Progra m Helping to develop technologies to capture, separate, and store carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) in order to reduce green-house gas emissions without adversely influencing energy use or hindering economic growth. Helps lower atmospheric CO2 CO2 emissions have increased immensely over the last few years to annual emissions of more than 33 billion tons today. If no initiative is taken, it is projected that there will be 6,850 million metric tons (7,550 million tons) of CO 2 per year by 2030, increasing 2005 emission levels by more than 14 percent. Lowering the cost and energy penalty associated with CO 2 capture from large point sources Improving the understanding of factors affecting CO 2 storage permanence, capacity, and safety in geologic formations and terrestrial ecosystems. Once these objectives are met, new and existing power plants and fuel processing COSTS : expensive, energy intensive; about 1/4 th of the energy made in power plants is used up just to keep them operating; will take decades before visible significant changes surface; CO2 has to be converted to water to be stored underground which requires roughly 20 percent yielded by burning coals in the first place; from then on it has to be closely monitored because if released it can kill; very little government assistance in geo- sequestration PROS : Post-combustion, pre-combustion, and oxy-combustion capture systems being developed are expected to be capable of capturing more than 90 percent of flue gas CO 2 ; although expensive, it only costs 14% as much as solar power; provides quick fix until other fuels or strategies surface and can be used; Carbon storage : o The primary means for carbon storage are injecting CO
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  • Spring '11
  • Staff
  • CO2 emissions, Carbon capture and storage, carbon sequestration, Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnerships

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Carbon Sequestration brainstorm - 21:09 Helping to develop...

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