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Scott Pantoskey 4805420 1/19/11 RLL 1: Goleta Beach Erosion As of late, a rising awareness of the Goleta beach erosion has surfaced and more and more people are recognizing the seriousness of it. The Goleta beach has been a local hang out spot for most people at UCSB as well as other local people. Coastal erosion has been depleting Goleta beach of its sand and as of now we have little response to this issue. Over the past few years we have resorted to using the beach re-nourishment plan which is where we borrow sand from another reservoir and dump it on the Goleta beach. This is only a short-term plan that will not suffice for years to come. Other possible ways to help out the beach are to build an artificial reef in hopes that it would block big waves from crashing on the sand, which would create better waves for local surfers but it comes
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Unformatted text preview: at an expense of something else. By building this reef, it would dissuade any under water life from interacting near it. So, this plan is not really an option because we don’t want to hurt or endanger any under water wildlife. Instead we must find a way to find a long-term solution that is efficient and threaten any wildlife. We cannot rely on the dumping of sand for too much longer and so it is imperative that we find a solution soon. My proposition is that we go ahead and try out the reef idea and closely monitor its affects on under water wildlife. If it doesn’t negatively affect wildlife then it will be beneficial to providing a solution to the Goleta Beach soil erosion issue....
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