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Sociology 1A - whole population How much shared knowledge...

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Sociology 1A A dependent variable is the outcome that a researcher is trying to explain An independent variable is a measured factor that the researcher believes has a casual impact on the dependent variable In sociological research we employ empirical observations to test theories of how social relationships work Inductive approaches begin with the empirical data and seek to explain it analytically and theoretically Deductive approaches begin with the theoretical account and seek to test it empirically We want to know how one social fact (independent variable) affects another fact (dependent variable) Don’t assume everyone is male, white, or straight Sociological research must be conscious of the role of the researcher as well as that of the subject being studied: race and racism, sexual orientation, feminism When doing research and taking a poll make sure you randomize the people you ask so that the data you get is an accurate representation of the
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Unformatted text preview: whole population How much shared knowledge and agreed upon rules are necessary to keep Los Angeles running? Culture is an integrating force that allows the society to operate; rules and norms of our society Material culture are the tools we have and the things we use and see as beautiful and useful and intellectually and morally valuable Non Material Culture is like ideas, ideals, customs, traditions, norms, rules that we abide by Rituals and repetition is how we acquire these non material cultures A subculture is a group united by sets of concepts, values, traits, and/or behavioral patterns that distinguish it from others within the same culture or society Modern culture is socially produced and fused by the media Media ownership in the United States is in the hands of six companies Those companies affect the information and messages communicated to the public...
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