Sociology 1st class

Sociology 1st class - humans live their lives The...

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Sociology 1: First Class Professor : Dr. Howard Winant Title : Who We Are, What We Do 1) Required Books: Conley, Dalton. You may Ask Yourself: An introduction to thinking like a sociologist. 2) Sternheimer, Karen, ed. Everyday Sociology Reader. Ask for bundled package for about $76 at UCEN bookstore . Attendance=10% of grade . 2 essay, 2 m.c. Exams (exams cover all the lectures, films, and assigned readings) SOCIOLOGY : The systematic study of social relations . Social organization of power in society Society = the human world . Sociologists use theories and research methods to understand, explain, and analyze events in society . Society = the patterns of identities, interactions, groups, institutions through which
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Unformatted text preview: humans live their lives. The Sociological Imagination (C. Wright Mills) . Definition : the ability to grasp the relationship between our lives as individuals, and the larger social forces that help to shape them: Personal biography (these go hand in hand) Larger historical forces Private troubles (these go hand in hand) Public issues Capitalism: A type of organization in which means of production (factories, companies, stock, etc.) are privately owned and controlled. What about Labor? Is that also a means of production? . Social Conflict vs. Social Integration...
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Sociology 1st class - humans live their lives The...

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