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29 - Paper 1 Intro • Topic • Argument/thesis 2 Body •...

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Sociology Section 10/29/10 20:59 Writing Assignment #2 (5 pages)     1. Assessing student attitudes about immigration 2. Interview 10 students 3. Ask 5 provided (or self-generated/TA approved) closed-ended questions 4. Prompt for more details/ explanation by asking why 5. Tabulate results (1 page appendix) 6. By demographics (age, race, religion, political party, gender…) 7. By answers to other questions  8. How do responses on x correlate on to responses on y
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Unformatted text preview: Paper 1. Intro • Topic • Argument/thesis 2. Body • Methods • Results/ analysis 3. Conclusion: discuss findings, relate to larger issue In groups: Summarize Identify key points distinguish opposing points of view Politicized language Write two thesis statements, one for, one opposed, be prepared to provide support 20:59 20:59...
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