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chicano final essay - Valid Sources or Illegitimate Bias At...

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Valid Sources or Illegitimate Bias At the beginning of the quarter, I was a naïve student who lacked adequate knowledge of ancient Mesoamerica and absorbed all the material given to me as legitimate, despite any ambiguity. However, as the class progressed, I acquired sufficient insight of the course material and began to contest the credibility of sources, for I now know that even the most respected professionals may be controversial in their arguments. Starting with the first essay on the Ancient Aztecs, I was skeptical toward the video’s depiction of the civilization’s bloodthirsty warriors and their warfare-driven daily lives. In addition, I became increasingly incredulous during the following essay on the 2012: end of the world prophecy, due to the lack of authentication and the unfeasibility of the ludicrous claims. Overall, I became conscious of the vast amount of discrepancy over the history of Mesoamerica and hesitate to buy into seemingly unblemished, “factual” assertions such as the claim that the Olmec religion was centered on shamanism without further research. Due to the lack of intellect I possessed at the beginning of the quarter, I withheld all judgment and invested my trust in the apparent “experts” of the subject. Due to the unfamiliar material I was exposed to and the lack of knowledge I obtained, I didn’t believe I had the authority or the courage to contest theories in the likelihood of being mistaken. Also, I feared the possibility of inadvertently defying cultural relativism and appearing callous. Thus, I didn’t feel compelled enough to blindly express my opinions and instead decided to absorb any information concerning the subject that was handed to me. After some practice, I gradually developed a more
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chicano final essay - Valid Sources or Illegitimate Bias At...

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