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Scott Pantoskey 10/8/10 Missed Section Make up The Governor, Pedrarias Davila, gave his people permission to go to Cuba in search of wealth. The governor promised each of them Indians as soon as any were available, but once three years went by, the angry warriors decided it was a lie and planned a revolt. They elected Francisco Hernandez de Cordova as their leader and purchased three ships and traded and borrowed another from the governor of the island, Diego Velazquez on the condition that they go in between the islands of Cuba and Honduras and invade the natives and convert them into slaves. Diego was nice enough to provide food for the long voyage, but the Spaniards were still in need of resources for all they had was bread, oil, and trivial items for trading. Along with them, came a priest, Alonso Gonzalez. After the 12 th day, they passed Cape San Antonio and now sailed the open seas in search for land and resources. They came across Great Cairo (they renamed the island of Cuba nor in Hispaniola) and went close to shore until ten canoes of local peoples came to search their boat. The following day the Indians came back with boats
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make up chicano studies - Scott Pantoskey Missed Section...

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