1 - Ocean/ Atmosphere: 10/1/10 Measure salinity using a...

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Unformatted text preview: Ocean/ Atmosphere: 10/1/10 Measure salinity using a CTD. Also collecting water samples CTD measures salinity, conductivity, and depth and temp. You need to know the temperature of a solution if you are trying to find the salinity of something Temperature of sample can measure conductivity 35 grams of salt per kilogram of seawater Minor Constituents: Elements with concentrations < 1ppm Many essential to marine organisms and useful to humans Most non-conservative elements (dont obey principle of constant proportions) Biologically important Nutrients Dissolved substances necessary for photosynthetic marine organisms Macronutrients if required in substantial quantities (nitrate, sulfate), Micronutrients (silicon) if required in lesser quantities Availability and distribution determines abundance and distribution of photosynthetic life It is important to know the distribution of phytoplankton because it is the base of the ocean and if there is a high supply of phytoplankton there is a better chance of survival for other organisms Phytoplankton (drifting algae) are fundamental to life on Earth Dissolved Organic Matter (DOM): Dissolved carbon and other organic substances Part of ocean food webs and the carbon cycle Adds color to the ocean With lower temp. In the water sample solubility increases The concentration of gases in water sample are controlled by biological processes such as respiration and photosynthesis If the rate of oxygen producing reactions is higher then the rate of the oxygen consuming reactions then the concentration of the salt concentration will increase and vice versa When we have low oxygen concentration, the circumstances that have a low concentration that situation is called hypoxia (when it is under 500 milligrams per liter) Many living organisms start suffering from lack of oxygen once they get to that point of hypoxia High rate of decomposition of organic matter or organisms can cause...
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1 - Ocean/ Atmosphere: 10/1/10 Measure salinity using a...

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