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Scott Pantoskey Perm #: 4805420 2/14/11 Real Life Link #4: Imperial Valley California Water System: The California aqueduct was built in 1997 and has a length of 715 miles Main purpose is to store and distribute water to 29 different areas located across the whole state The distribution of water is: 70 percent to urban areas and 30% to agricultural areas It delivers to 2/3rds of California’s population The main motivations behind the project is to improve water quality in the delta, to control feather river flood waters, enhance and protect fish and wildlife, and for basic amusement The project includes 34 storage facilities, 20 pumping plants, 4 pumping- generating plants, 5 hydroelectric power plants, and about 701 miles of open canals and pipelines; provides water to approximately 25 million Californians and about 750,000 acres of irrigated farmland Gianelli is located at the base of San Luis Dam , which forms San Luis Reservoir , the largest off stream reservoir in the United States. The Castaic Dam and Castaic Power Plant are located on the northern end of Castaic Lake. The aqueduct divides into three branches: the Coastal Branch in the Central Valley; and the East- and West-Branches after passing over the Tehachapi Mountains. The state water project gets 78% of their funding through the sale of
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real life link 4 - Scott Pantoskey Perm #: 4805420 2/14/11...

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