2 - Sociology1 18:09 Researchassignment...

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Sociology 1 18:09 Research assignment: Intro, main text, and a conclusion Intro of 2-3 paragraphs (who did u talk to, what were your expectations, overview  of what you learned? Main text: summarize and analyze your findings What were these students’ views of immigration and immigrants? How did those findings connect to the other matters they were asked about: The views of their subjects’ parents, Their subjects’ views on other main political questions mentioned Conclusion of 2-3 paragraphs: what did you research reveal, what did it mean? Power is coercive: the ability to make someone do that which they don’t want to  do. It rests on the threat of violence Authority is legitimated by consent. It rests on someone(s) agreement to be  governed under a set of rules   Max Weber is the great theorist of power, authority, and organizations Weber’s definition of the state: “the state consists of that human community (or 
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  • Spring '09
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  • legitimate authority, main text, Legal­ rational authority, main political questions, Sociologist T. H.

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2 - Sociology1 18:09 Researchassignment...

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