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Paper 1 Final Draft - Lapchak 1-1Stephen Lapchak Dr Lisa...

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Lapchak 1 -1Stephen Lapchak Dr. Lisa Avery Writing 1 19 October 2009 Shattering the Not Quo Status The Los Angeles based world of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog is very similar to that of our own, but the greatest among the various similarities is the perception of the status quo of humanity, the existing state or condition of the human race. Many members of the societies in both the real and science fiction world remain passive towards doing actions that would cause change for the better in their world; actions that would disrupt the status quo. These members of society refrain from taking any action because they do not realize the greatness that each individual posses. Dr. Horrible, on the other hand, has realized what the people in the world he lives in have become, and vows to change their stationary and inactive behavior; revitalizing humanity in a way to better themselves and their fellow citizens. Now that he has chosen to, “take matters into his own hands,” and devise “the plan” to which, he must “follow through.” Dr. Horrible questions the gravest course of action it would require for all people to make an effort to better their world. He doubts that a possible mass poisoning of the water main of Los Angeles will cause much stir among humanity, for not many would be daring enough to revise their position within the status quo and become a person of good deed, who looks out for more than him or herself, what some might possibly consider a hero. Most of humanity in Dr. Horrible’s world think of themselves as lesser beings to its superhero counterpart because humanity lacks a super power. Thus, humanity relies solely on their glorified heroes, who control some sort of super power, to create change in the world.
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Paper 1 Final Draft - Lapchak 1-1Stephen Lapchak Dr Lisa...

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