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Madison Jesseman 5-17-11 I found the Dr. Shirley Kennedy lecture on May 12 th very interesting. The guest speaker spoke very highly of doctor Shirley Kennedy. What I found most interesting however, was all the new things I learned about the inefficiencies in the American Justice system. The speaker had spent about two decades caught up in the American justice system, going through many prisons. She knew better than anyone that when you spend that much time in prison, the odds are stacked against you when you are released. That is why she found a place in Santa Monica that gave her food, shelter, therapy, and addressed her drug problem. She also learned that while being incarcerated, it costs about $50,000 of the taxpayers’ money, however in a rehabilitation system such as the one she
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Unformatted text preview: entered, only a few thousand. As a nation, there are may flaws in our justice system. America makes up about 5% of the worlds population, however we house 25% of the worlds criminals. In total, we spend around $185 billion on our justice system each year. This includes fees we spend on things such as parole officers for released convicts, even up to 6 years after the initial release. That makes us spend more on prisons than transportation and education combined. The guest speaker was also a huge advocate of the “ban the box” initiative, which requires federal employment applications to remove the “have you ever been convicted of a crime” question. This lecture revealed many flaws in the American system, but was very interesting....
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