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MidtermBreakdown - Mitosis and meiosis X linkage Non...

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Mendel Probabilities Pedigrees (2 lectures). 29 points (point breakdowns are only approximate) Basic punnet square dihybrid probability predictions Pedigree predictions dominant. Pedigree predictions recessive. Genotype Phenotype (2 lectures). 26 points One gene incomplete codominance, ABO blood groups. lethality. Two genes. Complementarity recessive epistasis dominant epistasis duplicate genes. Penetrance. Meiosis Mitosis X Chromosome linkage (2 lectures). 27 points
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Unformatted text preview: Mitosis and meiosis. X linkage. Non disjunction. Linkage (3 lectures). 28 points Linkage between genes. Chi square. Three point cross. Bacterial genetics (4 lectures). 40 points. Conjugation, interrupted mating, natural gradient of transfer, circularity Three point cross/reciprocal crosses Complementation F prime plasmids Transduction....
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