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Writ109Letteroftransmittal - Most research consists from...

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Industry Analysis of Petroleum Prepared for Bruno J. Rodriguez Prepared by Edrees Mirzakhel Troy Bosiljevac Matteo Di Giulio Georgia Mcgillivray May 15, 2011 HAMMER GLOBAL RESEARCHERS
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6568 Del Playa Drive www.hammerresearch.com Goleta, California 93117 (808) 795-1933 May 15, 2011 Bruno J. Rodriguez 177 Mann Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90012 Dear Mr. Rodriguez: The attached report, requested by you dated June 1, describes the benefits and disadvantages of getting involved in the petroleum industry. We believe you will find the information provided to be constructive in making a final decision. This report was designed to provide you with the proper knowledge in certain areas: Environmental issues will be a concern Health issues involving humans and animals Political issues will also need to be taken into account Moving from fossil fuels to alternative energy How industry is growing, needs, and consumption
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Unformatted text preview: Most research consists from scholarly journals received from the University of California Santa Barbara; these journals were designed for specific areas of concern of the petroleum industry. Secondary sources came from Business Source Complete, the world’s leading scholarly business database, which includes: journals, accounting, economics, finance, and marketing. Also, there are some sources from newspapers such as the New York Times. The conclusion of the research, discussed thoroughly in the report, imply that entering the petroleum industry is a risk, but the outcome could result in a thriving business. If you would like, we would willingly discuss the rest of this report with you in more detail. My firm and I would like to thank you for your trust with choosing our company to prepare this extensive report. Sincerely, Hammer Global Industries Enclosure...
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Writ109Letteroftransmittal - Most research consists from...

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