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theater5 hamlet - if it was all that he knew. My favorite...

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Seth Klebe Theater 5 5/26/11 Ham-Tastic Hamlet I really didn’t know what to expect with this Hamlet. I’ve seen at least two live and two recorded performances throughout my meager existence yet, this one was special. I could not take my eyes of the actor who played Hamlet. He played his bipolar existence so well. In his spells of insanity, he was loose with his words and his head was constantly swiveling around his environment. It reminded me almost of a flamboyant drunk who knows a secret, but is unwilling to share it with his concerned audience. Hamlet wove in and out of verbal genius and nonsense in his insanity and made motions that embellished that. In his stages of sanity, Hamlet’s face contorted perfectly into the ideal definitions of sorrow, rage, hatred, and revenge. It’s actually ironic how his “sanity” is actually some of the more depressing traits of mankind, and Hamlet displayed them as
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Unformatted text preview: if it was all that he knew. My favorite scene from the performance was when Horatio and the other two guards led Hamlet to see the ghost of his father. They clearly laid out the scene objective to show him, and keep him safe at the same time. However, Hamlet “won” in the scene because his volition had to in order to hear what the ghost of his late father had to say to him. I truly admired how Hamlet fought off his protectors because it was the truth he sought. It was after that moment that his split personality was born and it is that facet of his performance that captivated me. The body movement and blocking matched up so well it made the play have terrific flow to it even in the dying scenes, which I feel like are the hardest to pull off....
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theater5 hamlet - if it was all that he knew. My favorite...

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