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Seth Klebe Theater 5 On The Verge, or Something Along Those Lines When you asked us to pay strict attention to where there was “urgency” within the performers actions, I thought at the time it would be extremely apparent. However, in this show, it came in only small bursts at only a few moments. The first time it came clear was when the explorers found the “futuristic” items suspended in the forest. They were absolutely giddy for excitement and it seemed like they wanted to urgently move on to their destination. The only other time that really stuck out was when the explorers were looking for Nikki’s and then finally found it. At other times, the explorers were moving quickly, but there was no sensation of “rushing.” Now it’s time for my opinion. I really liked the concept of the play but overall, I did not find the acting too sensational. Besides Grover, the characters seemed forced in their roles and
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Unformatted text preview: uncomfortable. I am a person easily swayed by emotions and the only time I was affected was when the explorer that looks exactly like Amanda Bines was leaving her compatriots in 1955. Beyond that I felt like Dexter; I didnt even laugh. It is easy to appreciate the artistic value of the acting, scenery, effects, costumes, and script, but I still did not leave satisfied. I do give the actresses and the actor immense credit for being able to mold the scenes perfectly with only one set. However, my favorite parts honestly came from the soundtrack. The Enya track stole my heart. This play may not be something Id want to see again, but I do think it had a very high vocabulary and class to it. No play has ever made me want to immediately go and enjoy an extremely dry Belvedere martini like this one did. Also, Val, you did a great job as Wardrobe Supervisor!...
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