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theater 5 midterm

theater 5 midterm - reservation in me The moment before...

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Seth Klebe Partner: Monet Makkawi Scene #29 Character: I am Milton Bernard Severus Sarkozy III, and I am 14 years of age. My left shoulder hurts from a skateboarding accident that happened at my middle school. I am deathly afraid of clowns. Relationship: My scene is with my soon to be ex-girlfriend. Obstacle: My primary objective is to live through this breakup experience, and my scene objective is to breakup with my girlfriend as dignified as possible because I am a classy 14 year old who spent many a summer at The Nicolas Sparks Manner School. Where: The scene takes place at my middle School, the Winston Prep Academy. The Moment Before: My girlfriend and I will just have finished lunch before the scene begins. It was an awkward dining experience because my girlfriend could sense the
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Unformatted text preview: reservation in me. The moment before the scene begins, I gently break the news to her as our three-month whirlwind love/passion/fire/hate of a relationship comes to a close. Tactics: Because I know that I hold the power in the situation I am using my voice to direct my influence most in this situation. By being blunt yet, soothing yet, steadfast I can accomplish this. Once I know I have made it clear that my girlfriend has come to terms with my decision, I end on what I believe is a reassuring note. My body for the most part remains very composed because I do not want to make it seem like I am being overly adamant of my decision....
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