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Frankenstein Ethics By, Seth Klebe Barbed wire froths out of a slanderous mouth. Yet, you do not even know me. Each small cut on the psyche pools together into one severed relationship. Now each false smile proudly displays that hideous gristle of a pumping heart. The sociological upward curving of lips retains No more meaning. Hide my eyes, hide my hurt. There is No beauty in something simply because it is well lit. A creature is mutilated, yet, it contains all the aspects of manhood anyone aspires to embody. I do not fear the definition, I fear the pathos. Con stands for Confidence and that is one suit I’ll put on especially for you. Stop. A sentry of conscience prevents access to a continuation of these dire concepts. I do not have the capacity to do great evil. I’ve tasted love, smelled care, touched affection, and I have seen you.
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Unformatted text preview: All is not forsaken; the rising bile is exchanged for rising butterflies. The setting rigor mortis of the love I felt will remain petrified forever. Often have I stood looking at the Marina and wondered why I am. I am a single pinnacle on a cog; insignificant. To the rest of society you also resemble a single pinnacle. To me however, you are the entire World of whatever device we happen to turn. I want to do something to make your heart beat. I want to do something to feel your heart beat. Systolic and Diastolic forces flirting with each other, teasing one another. We will walk the fragmented steps of past pantheons together. We will kneel in awe of obelisks that never waiver. We will experience unreal anamnesis. We will....
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