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Seth Klebe T.A. Dean PS 7 8/12/2011 Article Presentation: The Conflict of Somali Pirates Summary: In 2009, Somali Pirates captured the Maersk Alabama (U.S. owned) ship. They took the skipper prisoner. U.S. snipers gunned down three of the four pirates and extradited the fourth. He will spend 33 years in federal prison. This is the first U.S. vessel hijacking in 200 years. A radical group called the “Islamic Courts Union” seized control of the southern half of Somali in 2006 and declared war on pirates. This led to the reign of the Puntland pirates. Abdirahman Farole, the Puntland president, declared war on the pirates of his own, but would not attack their bases to avoid all out civil war. In 2008, NATO, the U.S., and the European Union began to patrol the main shipping route. However, attacked have doubled into 2010. They continue to be a problem today. Connections to PS7: A realist sees the pirates as anarchic toward their state and selfish individuals. (however, state is NOT the principle actor here)
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