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soc 152A midterm 2 review
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Unformatted text preview: Sociology 152A Fall 2010 Midterm II Book Review 98.4 126: SEX AND GENDER DIFFERENCES Gender: A Central Aspect of Childhood: 1. Gender the entire collection of mental and behavioral traits that, to a greater or lesser degree, differ between males and females. 2. Gender Identity is the sense of which sex we belong to: 3. Transgendered having a gender ID that is discordant with ones anatomical sex. 4. Gender role the expression of gender id in social behavior (i.e. what clothes we wear, how we talk, how we walk, and what sex we claim to be) 5. M and W differ in a variety of cognitive traits 6. M and W differ in some personality traits 1 a. M outperform W in Visio spatial skills (fig. 4.8, p.100) b. W outperform M on tasks involving memorization of the location of objects (fig. 4.9, p. 101) 7. M and W also differ in personality traits a. M and W differ in the ways in which they show aggression (i.e. M more direct and physical; W more indirect, ex malicious gossip) b. Major cross culture differences in six personality factors (see bottom of pg. 100) 8. Sex influences cognitive skills. It does not predestine people to have any particular collection of gender characteristics 9. Differences in sexuality include attitudes towards casual sex, jealousy, and frequency of masturbation a. M express more permissive attitudes towards casual sex than W (as well as non marital/extramarital sex) b. W much more likely to agree with the statement I would have sex only if I were in love as well as view sex as part of a long-term relationship 2 c. W and M tend to seek different attributes in sex partners: - age, wealth, appearance, etc. d. M show more interest and are more sexually aroused with visual sexual stimuli like porn than W e. Jealousy - emotional jealousy W v. physical jealousy M f. M masturbate more than W, beginning at puberty g. M report more frequent intercourse, a younger age of first intercourse, and a larger number of total partners. h. gay men have more casual sex partners and more total partners than straight men (keep in mind, they are seeking sex partners in a more willing population) 10. many gender differences arise early in age (i.e. by age 1, children distinguish between the faces of males and females) 3 11. Children can identify their own sex and categorize themselves with same sex children between the ages of 2 3....
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