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Seth Klebe Anth 2 Movie Notes Sea Change: A World Without Fish CO2 that we produce hurts the oceans Elizabeth Kolebert: the darkening sea. The CO2 causes ocean acidification. Whatever is put in the air ends up in the ocean. 387 parts per million parts of CO2 in the ocean. More than pteropods are food for salmon. Pteropods are dissolving in 48 hours which really affects the marine food chain Ocean absorbs 22 million tons of CO2 every day. 118 billion metric tons worth of CO2 over the last 200 years. This is growing exponentially. Child on crack essentially. Coke has a ph of 2-3. Sparkling water has a ph of 5ish. Calcium teeth have eroded in three weeks from the soda. Relates to the ocean life that is eroding Pteropods swarm and respire which lowered the ph of the jar which caused their shells to dissolve. Children are adorable. Within 50 years coral may be extinct. We could possibly live one day without fish. The more ph there is, the more they have to work and respire to create
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Unformatted text preview: their shells. • The organism metabolism rate relates to how they compete for a mate • Glaciers are regressing, which is proof of the global warming. • Glaciers are affecting the creatures below the surface. • We can’t adapt to the growing waves, but we can reduce CO2. We need to look for new energy sources, like geothermal. • Use the time gap to learn how to live on the planet without destroying it. • Time really is running out to fix these issues. • Solstrand hotel in Norway takes the heat from the ocean to heat the complex, and free cooling in the summer. • Wind turbines produce electricity with no CO2. 200X more energy than hydropower. Cleanest energy available. 6000 wind turbines could power Norway. • 1-2% of GNP would be needed to make Norway completely on wind energy. • Clean water act is the strongest law protecting water quality. Involves ph. •...
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