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Seth Klebe Anth 2 Walsh 11/22/10 Anth 2, Fall 2010: Environmental Justice UCSB is a college that contains roughly 20,000 students and within that population over half of the students live in I.V. along with numerous SBCC students and families. It is this square mile of land that has earned UCSB the reputation as the eighth best party school in the country according to Playboy. Also within this square mile resides the main law enforcement for the area, the I.V. Foot Patrol. This unique group of police officers will cite and fine students for any number of drunken transgressions. However, these officers also pay attention to the physical environment that they work in to prevent littering, pollution, and other disadvantageous acts. I chose the I.V. Foot Patrol as the center of my ethnographic study to see what they think of the environment in and around where they actively work. In order to do this, I conducted a recorded interview with two deputies and observed a team of three Foot Patrol officers on a Saturday night in I.V. Through my interview and observational research, I can conclude that the I.V. foot patrol is very knowledgeable and conscious of the environment in which they work, and do a proactive job of preventing acts that could cause harm to I.V. itself and the surrounding beaches. The reason I selected the I.V. Foot Patrol as my group for this study was partly because I wanted to pick a group that was unique in comparison to my peers’ groups, and partly because I wanted to demystify the I.V. Foot Patrol and their reputation as a group of officers that are out to get students for the smallest transgression. Every upper-classmen I know told me to avoid the Foot Patrol at all costs when I’m out on weekend nights so I chose to seek them out in an academic setting where I could sit down with them and have a real conversation about the specifics of the I.V. environment. I spoke with two deputies at the same time in a free flowing, but recorded conversation about the environment of I.V. and what they thought about certain aspects of it that I brought up. I had a preselected set of four questions regarding the
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environment. I wanted the interview to be less formal but still professional so I adapted my questions to act as segues in the conversation. I also adapted my questions slightly based upon what the deputies told me about previous questions so I ended up asking seven questions in total that gave me even more insight into the opinions and ideology of the deputies. Besides the interview, I partook in sly observational research on a Saturday night in I.V. to see what a team of three officers did in regard to the environment while keeping order in the student-filled streets
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Anth 2 Paper - Seth Klebe Anth 2 Walsh 11/22/10 Anth 2,...

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