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Anth 3 - ice age questions - stretched north There were...

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Katherine Stewart Anthropology 3 Assignment #4 TA: Jessica Kaplan Ice Age Questions 1. The Ice Age was characterized by a global cooling trend marking the start of the Pleistocene. It is also characterized by the Matuyama-Brunhes event which was a magnetic reversal that happened 780,000 years ago. Sea levels also fluctuated a lot during this time. Climate changes were common and an ice sheet covered much of what is now Europe and
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Unformatted text preview: stretched north. There were also at least nine glacial periods that we know of. 2. The last three European glaciations were the Würm, Riss, and Mindel. The corresponding Northern American equivalents were the Wisconsin, Illionoian, and Kansan. 3. Two ways of studying Ice Age climactic change are deep-sea cores and ice drillings....
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