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Northwest Proposal

Northwest Proposal - 1 In the Pacific Northwest very little...

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In the Pacific Northwest very little is known about the social complexities of hunter-gather societies of the Plateau Pithouse Tradition, roughly 4500-200 years before present. When looking at the sites found around Keatley Creek, the overall geographical positioning of the structures implies that peripheral structures outside the core of the site were used for very specific reasons; however, those reasons are still quite unknown. My goal is to further excavate these areas with the hope of answering these daunting questions. Archaeologist Brian Hayden and Ron Adams suggest that these peripheral areas were secret areas for ceremonial purposes; hopefully through extensive excavation of the area we can gather an illustration that better reflects the true purpose of the area. To do this I will be looking at any remnants of flora and fauna, tools, or artifacts that served other functions. Using the three already identified zones, Terrace 1 and 2, South, and the core of the site, I would like to place three excavation sites on Terrace 1 and 2 and only two on the core site and South Terrace. The reasoning for more excavation sites on peripheral areas is that I would like to learn more about their ritual areas rather than from their living quarters. Judging by the topography and geography of the land, it appears that Terrace 1 and 2 is upstream Keatley Creek and from following the rule of V’s I can see that the creek has a nice steady flow that slices between the core of the site and the South Terrace. This seems to create a semi-flat living quarters and a rather large hilltop on the other side; the side of the hilltop opposite the core seems to be quite flat and the side facing the core appears to be quite steep. Ultimately, apart of my team I plan to have a geographer who can survey the land and create a better topographic map using a geographical information system or GIS to get an improved understanding of the area. At all three areas I would like to dig at least one excavation site rather close to the creek because judging by the map and on the society’s choice of location it appears the creek was quite important to their lifestyle as well as 1
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one by a house pit structure to see what served its purpose. In order to properly perform safe, organized, and thorough excavations I will need to have a crew consisting of general laborers and some specialists. I will be the main supervisor overseeing the project, but in order to expedite the process I will be bringing three other supervisors as well. For general labors I plan to bring several interns that will help in several basic labor tasks, collecting, and some interpretation. Along with some local people that know the terrain and know how to deal with the climate and environment, they will assist with some collecting but mostly laborious activities. I think it is empirical to bring several specialists to the excavation site for extra insight and knowledge that will help lead to discovery as well on site
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Northwest Proposal - 1 In the Pacific Northwest very little...

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