Paper 2 Final Draft

Paper 2 Final Draft - Lapchak 1-1Stephen Lapchak Dr Lisa...

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Lapchak 1 -1Stephen Lapchak Dr. Lisa Avery Writing 1 8 November 2009 Savoring Swim Trunks I stepped off my beach cruiser and onto the sand of Surfside beach in Surfside, California. The sand beneath my feet suddenly was so hot and I moved along the sand as if I were walking on hot coals, on my way to greet my friends at a beach house that one of their families owned. Further down the beach, I could see my seven pals standing atop the beach house balcony relaxing. Once again I was the last to arrive. It was probably because I always take so long to get ready to go out, even if it’s to the beach, and because I seemingly lived the furthest from everywhere me and my friends would get together, unless of course it was my house. Anyway, I decided to put a little pep in my step, so I could quickly join them in the relaxation and maybe try to cover up the bantering about me always being the last one to arrive. Entering the beach house, I quickly greeted the owners with a hug for the Mrs. and a handshake for the Mr., and swiftly went up the flight of stairs leading to the balcony, where I slid the sliding glass doors jubilantly open and frantically embraced each one of my friends with a variety of secret handshakes, hand pounds, and hugs. After all the commotion of the reuniting had settled down, I took a moment to sit down and relax, while easing myself into the mellow mood of the beach house because I had still been a little uptight from all the rushing I had done to get to the beach house. As I sat and soaked in the sun of that beautiful summer’s day, I noticed something that had never really been brought to my attention before. Each of us, when coming together at the beach, would sport a pair of swim
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Paper 2 Final Draft - Lapchak 1-1Stephen Lapchak Dr Lisa...

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