Paper 2 Rough Draft

Paper 2 Rough Draft - Lapchak 1-1Stephen Lapchak Dr. Lisa...

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Unformatted text preview: Lapchak 1-1Stephen Lapchak Dr. Lisa Avery Writing 1 27 October 2009 Savoring My Swim Trunks I stepped off my beach cruiser and onto the sand of Surfside beach in Surfside, California. The sand beneath my feet suddenly was so hot and I moved along the sand as if I were walking on hot coals, on my way to greet my friends at a beach house that one of their families owned. Further down the beach, I could see my seven pals standing atop the beach house balcony relaxing. Once again I was the last to arrive. It was probably because I always take so long to get ready to go out, even if its to the beach. So, I decided to put a little pep in my step, so I could quickly join them in the relaxation and maybe try to cover up the bantering about me always being the last one. Entering the beach house, I quickly greeted the owners with a hug for the Mrs. and a handshake for the Mr., and swiftly went up the flight of stairs leading to the balcony, where I slid the sliding glass doors jubilantly open and frantically embraced each one of my friends with a variety of secret handshakes, hand pounds, and hugs. The fellas were finally together again, even though we had all been seeing each other pretty much every day of the summer of 09. But seeing as how this meeting would be our final until Thanksgiving, this would be among the most memorable. Now since a majority of our meetings were coastal, all of us sported swim trunks, and each of us had our very own unique designs, sizes, and shapes to our trunks. It was always a sight when one of the largest, more robust and muscular friends of mine, wore his tiny, hot pink swim trunks, because he always stuck out like a sore thumb. We always had told him he really didnt need the trunks because he Lapchak 2...
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Paper 2 Rough Draft - Lapchak 1-1Stephen Lapchak Dr. Lisa...

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