Paper 3 Rough Draft SL

Paper 3 Rough Draft SL - Lapchak 1 -1Stephen Lapchak Dr....

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Lapchak 1 -1Stephen Lapchak Dr. Lisa Avery Writing 1 18 November 2009 A Consumer’s Conscious (SL) In the article, “Consider the Lobster,” David Foster Wallace, using the poignant example of the plight of the lobster, invites the reader to question, from an ethical perspective, the treatment of the animals we consume because he sees a sinister aspect in the way that consumers have a tendency, “to dismiss the whole issue out of hand,” (Wallace 7). Using both scientific and subjective thought processes and arguments, David Foster Wallace, demonstrates to the reader the type of conscience consumers should commit to before choosing various animals as a meal. Apposing the, “gourmets who’ll have no truck with convictions or rationales,” (Wallace 7). As David Foster Wallace dives into the scientific aspect of the anatomy of the lobster, he begins to mention the comparative neuroanatomy of the cerebral cortex, brain stem, and thalamus, which allow a creature to experience awareness, distress, pain, and suffering. Lobsters may or may not have some or all of these neurological parts, this information remains undiscovered. Leaving consumers to their own questions of whether or not lobsters actually have the mental capacity to feel distress, pain, or suffering. The final judgment of consumption is therefore one that the consumer must conscientiously make for his or herself. Regardless, acknowledged by David Foster Wallace, is that “the questions of whether and how different kinds of animals feel pain, and of whether and why it might be justifiable to inflict pain on them in order to eat them, turn out to be extremely complex and difficult,” because as humans, the
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Paper 3 Rough Draft SL - Lapchak 1 -1Stephen Lapchak Dr....

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