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MA 160, Elementary Applied Calculus I Montgomery College, Rockville CRN 30209 Tues-Thurs 1 – 2:50. SE 208 Fall 2009 Ms. Alison Rose Office: 26 Science West Phone: 240-567-4231 Email: Office Hours: Monday noon – 1 PM Tuesday 3 – 4 PM Wednesday noon – 1 PM Thursday noon – 1 PM Text: Bittinger and Ellenbogen, Calculus and its Applications , Ninth Edition, (Pearson Addison Wesley), 2008 including a Math XL online access code (REQUIRED) Course Description : MA 160 is a general calculus course primarily for business students. Topics include algebraic, exponential, and logarithmic functions and their graphs, an intuitive approach to limits, differentiation, integration, and functions of several variables. Major emphasis is on applications in business, economics, and the life sciences. The course is not open for credit to students who have a grade of C or better in MA 181 or its equivalent. Prerequisites : You must have a grade of C or better in MA 100, MA 103, an appropriate score on the mathematics assessment test, or consent of the department. Assessment levels: EN 101/101A, RD 120. Required Calculator : A graphing calculator is REQUIRED for this course. The TI-84 or TI-83 Plus is preferred . No symbolic calculators, such as the TI-89 or TI-92 are allowed. Calculators are not to be shared during tests or quizzes. YOU ARE TO BRING YOUR CALCULATOR TO EVERY CLASS! The Math/Science Center offers graphing calculator workshops at the beginning of each semester. Check the Center’s website and/or hallway posters for announcements of these workshops: OR BY APPOINTMENT
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Required Computer Access : Much homework is to be done on the computer with Math XL . (If you didn’t buy the textbook package, you can buy an access code separately at The MathXL Course ID for this class is XL0L-91JJ-401Y-57M2 You are expected to read and download files from MyMC, and you may also be assigned analytical exercises and/or review exercises on the computer. In addition to regularly accessing files on MyMC, you are expected to check your email
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MA_160_syllabus_S2011 - MA 160, Elementary Applied Calculus...

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