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Quiz1(Ch+R) - MA 160 Name Mg Rose Spring 2011 Quiz 1(Chap R...

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Unformatted text preview: MA 160 Name Mg Rose, Spring 2011 Quiz 1 (Chap R) 1. (6 pts)IfP dollars are invested at an annual interest rate 2' (expressed as a decimal) compounded n times a year, in t years it will grow to an amount A given by . n! A=P(1+i) n Suppose that $2500 is invested at 3% annual interest compounded monthly. How much is in the account at the end of 11 years? Show all of your substitutions and don’t forget the units! fi= mo (ML/.0; ’2’”) = 7g 3,47 5’, 97 $ ’ 2. (4 pts)Verizon has decided to change the way it calculates your phone ' bill. Your total cost (in dollars) will now be determined by the function C(x)=75+.05x, where x is time in minutes. a. What is the cost of talking for 60 minutes? (Show your work/substitutions.) c, (60) = 75+ . 05/60) =¢7? b. What is the additional cost of increasing your talking time from 60 minutes to 70 minutes? (Show your work/substitutions.) . , Ag=.05=_::=._£0 waiL/MM , {#74 AX mo /0 gfl‘acg44z2W MW 3. (5 pts)At right is the function fix). a. What is the domain off(x)? (Express your answer in interval notation.) D=Bfl b. What is the range off(x)? (Express your answer in interval notation. g. _. 7 e [/, J c. What isf(5)? ¥(5)= 7 ...
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