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CS140 Project (25%) Due Date: April 30, 2011 Sat. Grading : Major factors used to grade the project are Comments and Accuracy. Comments : must include name, purpose of the program, functions. Submit : Please email .ccp file and output of your program. You, as an IT profession in the Learning Evaluation Department, are conducting an evaluation report. In the report, one of the data is to calculate the average of a group of math test scores, where the lowest score in the group is dropped. Today, the twelve scores of the test just deliver to you. Although this task can be easily accomplished by calculator, you determine to write a program to review what had learned from CS140. Following are the functions will be used in your program void getScore()
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Unformatted text preview: This function should be called once in the main to accept an array of integers and the array’s size as its arguments. It will display the original twelve scores. void calAverage() This function should be called just once by main, and should be passed the twelve scores. It will calculate and display 1) the average of the eleven high scores, 2) the eleven high scores 3) the lowest score to drop . int findLowest() It should be called by calAverage , which uses the function to determine which of the twelve scores to drop. It will find and return the lowest of the twelve scores passed to it. 12 scores should be the initialization’s list for an int array. 12 scores are 67, 35, 89, 90, 77, 98, 77, 88, 86, 97, 86, 90....
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