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1. Despite analysts and pundits telling Dell that the direct model would not work abroad, why did the direct model succeed in the UK but not in China? 2. Do you think that with sufficient data on China, specifically cultural, Dell would have still expanded into China in 1998? -Do you think Dell should have done more market research by allowing for indirect sales to continue? -Since a lot of Dell’s competitors copied their business strategy, do you think they should have looked into the strategies of existing companies to understand more about China’s market? 3. Do you think Dell should have changed their strategy in terms of targeting larger corporations and businesses while ignoring the smaller towns & cities, since their rivals relied on that particular market to
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Unformatted text preview: generate revenue? 4. Given the Chinese people’s reluctance to purchase products they could not see in person, do you think Dell would have succeeded if they partnered with a retail store? 5. Due to the market’s rapid and constant change, do you think Dell should have changed their practices? If they had changed their practices do you think they should have partnered with a company like IBM did with Lenovo? 6. Looking in hindsight, what would you have done differently? 7. Why do you think HP was able to successfully expand in China? 8. Do you think Dell’s reliance on the build to order model was a good idea? Do you think the plan could have been modified?...
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