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notes on capsim

notes on capsim - Dell 1792 Dixie 484 Dot 595 Dune 271 Hey...

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-focus on high end, winning that segment -low end -not size/performance, need to improve Daze: low end, 5.7/14.3/17500 Dell: low end, 3.0/17.0/14000 Dixie: high end, 9.8/10.2/23000 Dot: performance end, 9.4/15.5/25000 Dune: size end, 4.0/11.0/19000 Daze: 621
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Unformatted text preview: Dell: 1792 Dixie 484 Dot 595 Dune 271 Hey, So the changes we made were as follows: R&D dixie Size change from 10 to 11 Perf change from 8 to 9.5 Marketing Dixie promo budget from $800 to $1000 Production Dixie Production from 440 to 475...
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