11-10 Engr 191A

11-10 Engr 191A - o determining campaign objectives and the...

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Identifying and Analyzing the Target Audience o Target Audience – group of people at whom advertising is aimed ID’ing helps determines steps in campaign o Information base Location/Geographic distribution Demographic distribution Lifestyle information Consumer attitudes Available Resources What will the campaign accomplish o State clearly, precisely, and in measurable terms Specifics, numbers, statistics, goals Benchmarks, a timeline o Advertising platform Basic issues or selling points to be included in an advertising campaign Why do they need it? Important to customers Advertising appropriation – budget for a specific time period o Geographic size of market o Distribution of buyers o Type of product o Firm’s sales volume vs competitot’s sales volume Appropriation for business products vs convenience items Objective and task
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Unformatted text preview: o determining campaign objectives and the tasks needed to obtain objectives • Percent of Sales o Multiplying the firm’s past and expected sales by a standard percentage • Competition matching o Matching competitors advertising outlays • Arbitrary o Budget specified by high-level executive in the firm • Media Plan o Specifies the media vehicles to be used and the schedule for running advertisements (types of media) Reach and frequency • Cost Comparison indicator o Compares the costs of ad vehicles in a specific medium in relation to the number of people reached Cost of Ad X 1000 / Circulation o Be able to explain why advertising is cost effective • Media schedules o Continuous, flighting, and pulsing Strategy in terms of duration and the consumer will perceive it •...
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11-10 Engr 191A - o determining campaign objectives and the...

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