English 103A

English 103A - Unpredictable and strong • Hatred of...

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Transcendentalism Nature VS Society o Modern society is perceived as a barrier between humans remaining in touch with their humanity through nature o The raw power of nature represents the existence of a higher power Nature as God o Social structures impose limits upon nature and humans Emphasis on spirituality o Importance of individual, self-discovery through nature o Social structure represses human spirit Ambiguity o Transcendentalism is ambiguous o In stories, the ambiguous or mysterious is often significant Outcasts/Hermits are often a symbol of humanity and often represent the power of nature They are misunderstood by society, thus nature and humanity is misunderstood as well Emotion VS Logic/Rationale o Emotion connects us to nature
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Unformatted text preview: Unpredictable and strong • Hatred of materialism o Materialist nature of society obstructs man from regaining humanity Rather than self-discovery, materials become a replacement for humanity (the possession of materials becomes substitute for human characterisistics) o Wealth = Power, structure of society is man-made, unnatural • Individuality over conformity • Beauty in nature reflects the unique beauty of individuals o The unpredictable nature of nature itself serves to contradict social values such as beauty or power o Must find beauty within ourselves and everywhere • The poet symbolizes someone in society who is able to maintain connection to nature through romanticizing beauty...
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English 103A - Unpredictable and strong • Hatred of...

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