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English 103A Midterm Information (Cumulative, only on focused Chapters) Terms/Identification: (40 Points) Choose 4 out of 6, write approximately three sentences to define or identify the following. Place each term in an appropriate context for the course: I.e. Old Moodie Fugitive Slave Law of 1850 Sympathy Free indirect discourse The Conditional Chiasmus 1. Define the term, use definition given from slides 2. Place term in context, relate it to a literary work or explain significance of
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Unformatted text preview: term in relation to the class Passage Analysis (2 passages out of 3) Analyze theme of work, relate passage to it Analyze style, how it contributes to effect o Literary stylistics Utilize Quotes Think of literature as technology o How it affects the audience, think about thought process intended by the author and what the audience think Brush up on literary definitions (diction, syntax, metaphor, simile, etc.) Sample Midterm on Gauchospace...
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