English 103A Research Paper Outline

English 103A Research Paper Outline - I. Intro a. In Uncle...

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I. Intro a. In Uncle Tom’s Cabin , Harriet Beecher Stowe examines religious hypocrisy, which has decayed social values, accusing Americans of being oblivious to slavery’s inherent immoral nature. Stowe adopts a sentimental narrative style to elicit sympathy from her audience, through emphasizing the dehumanizing consequences of slavery, for both blacks and whites. She represents the spectrum of attitudes towards slavery through the characters, whose romanticized attributes and interactions implicate both Northerners and Southerners in oppressing African Americans. The novel dispels predominant societal beliefs about African Americans, characterizing them as equals of whites, to unite the nation behind abolishing slavery. The myriad of romanticized characters represents archetypal attitudes towards slavery and reinforces the novel’s appeal, to reiterate the abolitionist message on a broad scale. Stowe incorporates II. Paragraph 1 i. Stowe utilizes interactions between the slaves and slave holders to condemn slavery as a brutal practice which oppresses blacks, physically and mentally, and erodes moral boundaries; hence, she contradicts the prevailing beliefs of slavery to reveal the degradation the national values. 1. “principal basis of the proslavery argument was, of course, the patriarchal and protective nature of the institution.” a. Stowe dramatizes beatings, events, etc. and uses vivid imagery to break down pro-slavery argument. 2.
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English 103A Research Paper Outline - I. Intro a. In Uncle...

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