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Dialogue Outline Draft

Dialogue Outline Draft - Dialogue Outline I Individuality...

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Dialogue Outline I. Individuality II. Reality III. Happiness IV. Social Boundaries V. Power of Perception VI. Nature HENRY JAMES: I have always wondered – since I read your novel – about Mrs. Pontellier, and her death, or rather “ascension” – however you naturalists refer to it – into the sea, which gives the impression that she is inconsistent, in the end, by conforming to society’s arbitrary rules, after breaking free of them. KATE CHOPIN: You have misread the character. Edna does not conform to society’s rules, for she has never truly transcended the, instead she chooses independence. This does not make her inconsistent; she slowly separates herself from her social responsibilities. Through self- expression, of art and sexual desire, she claims the power of individuality. HENRY JAMES: Ah! Allow me to concede – for but a moment – your explanation, which is satisfactory, to some extent, since Edna– pardon the pun – awakens in
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