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Midterm 2 Review

Midterm 2 Review - Math 117 F 09 Review Outline for Second...

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Math 117, F 09 Review Outline for Second Midterm Definitions. increasing/decreasing sequence monotone sequence limit of a function at an accumulation point of its domain continuity of a function at a point of its domain Symbols. lim x x 0 f ( x ) Theorems. This is a list of the major theorems (and corollaries, etc.) that we have developed in the meantime, with phrases labelling them. You don’t need to memorize the numbers of these theorems, just the statements. The numbers are just listed here to help you find things in the book. (1.16) convergence of monotone sequences (1.17) testing for accumulation points using sequences (2.1) testing for limits of functions using sequences
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