engr102-202c_syllabus_s10 - ENGR102/202C: Special Topics in...

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ENGR102/202C: Special Topics in Engineering, Business and Society Technology Management Program Spring 2010 University of California, Santa Barbara College of Engineering Course W ebsite: http://www.tmp.ucsb.edu/curriculum/spring_2010_ug_schedule.html Professor: Gary S. Hansen Time: 5:20 – 7:00 PM Phone: 805-893-5328 Classroom: Broida Hall #1610 Office: TMP, Building 937, RM 1008 Office Hours: Thursdays, 4-5PM E-Mail: [email protected] Class T/A: Isaac Pearlman T/A E-Mail: [email protected] The ENGR102 one-credit course series was designed to provide a timely and accessible educational format to students across campus from all disciplines wanting to gain some insight into current technology business issues. The Seminar is intended to be a lecture series where entrepreneurial, technological, business and governmental leaders share their lessons of experience with the UCSB community. This series is targeted to anyone interested in entrepreneurship, technology development and commercialization and management and the impact that these areas of innovation have on society. The ENGR102 course may be repeated three times (A, B, C) and is required for the Technology Entrepreneurship Certificate (TEC). Because ENGR102 is offered only on a “pass/fail” basis you want to be sure to be in attendance for each lecture and that your final paper is of high
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engr102-202c_syllabus_s10 - ENGR102/202C: Special Topics in...

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