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Engr 102C Final - Willy Lin Engr 102C Engineering 102C...

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Willy Lin Engr 102C Engineering 102C Final Paper Each of the five distinguished lecturers dispensed valuable information about venturing into the business world. Tim Albinson provided practical start up advice covering general material such as business/idea conception and validation through market/customer research, while focusing on the process of founding and maintaining a company. Professor Paul Hasnma emphasized the importance of ‘poor experimentation’ as a means of efficient feedback and how to use the initial status of a venture as an advantage. Scott Groff explained the corporate structure and outlined the various roles and relationships that make a company run smoothly. Tony Schneider discussed the importance of creativity in relation to a limited budget and utilizing existing (and evolving) technologies to your advantage. Finally, Terry Gabrielson took a different approach and examined how she incorporated social responsibility into a venture. From these five lectures, I felt that Tim Albinson’s lecture provided the most useful and applicable information for my business future. The rest of the lectures, with the exception of Terry Gabrielson, are largely generalized in the sense that they instill important ideas such as ‘utilizing a large margin of error’ or ‘being stingy with venture capital’ rather than go into the specifics of a company’s operations and administration. For instance, signing a lease for office space is not something that many people have
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Engr 102C Final - Willy Lin Engr 102C Engineering 102C...

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