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Economics 104B Problem Set #1 (Due April 15) Spring 2010 1. Ralph works 40 hours a week at a $12.50 wage rate. He unexpectedly inherits a trust fund that pays him $300 per week. How does inheritance of the trust fund affect his budget line? Will he continue to work 40 hours a week? Will his total income rise by $300? Provide a graphical illustration for your answers. 2. a) Eric has a utility function u ( l,C ) = lC . Suppose that he works 14 hours a day and gets a utility level of 20. Would he be willing to give up an hour of his leisure to drive someone to a wrestling match if that person offered him $5? Explain your answer. b) Grace has a utility function u ( l,C ) = C + 20 ln l over bundles of leisure l and consumption C with price
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Unformatted text preview: p C = 1. Given ¯ t = 24 hours and non-labor income = 0, determine the optimal choice of l and C at wage rate w for Grace. Show your work. 3. Let f ( x 1 ,x 2 ) = √ x 1 + √ x 2 be the production function of a firm. Let input prices be w 1 = $2, w 2 = $8, and output price p = $16. Assume input 2 is fixed in the short run at ¯ x 2 = 100. a) Are the inputs perfect substitutes or perfect complements? b) Find the LR and SR profit-maximizing quantities of the inputs at the given prices. Calculate maximum profits. c) What are the LR and SR cost-minimizing quantities of the inputs that the firm should use to produce y = 90? d) Find the firm’s LR and SR cost functions. 1...
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