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ScifiPaperFinal - Adam Berke Prof Liberty Stanavage English...

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Adam Berke Prof. Liberty Stanavage English 192 7/22/10 Death: The Bringer of Life In a world based purely on hard science and where the supernatural occurs only in movies, Benjamin Franklin put it best when he said that the only guarantees in life are death and taxes. In the world created by Cherie Priest’s, Boneshaker , however, neither of those guarantees exist. In this horrific world, instead of peacefully burying the dead in a grave six feet underground, there lies the possibility that before you can even begin mourning the death of your beloved, you have to run away from them as fast as possible unless you want to become zombie food. While Cherie Priest creates a vivid, suspenseful, and entertaining world in Boneshaker , she also develops a story that truly allows the reader to examine and reflect upon the concept of death. Ultimately, this paper argues that Boneshaker revolves around the notion of death and through its storyline redefines death as something that creates life, propels characters to move forward, and constructs new beginnings, as opposed to being an end all or stopping point. Dissecting and examining the storyline and plot of Boneshaker , it is evident that death and the fear of death are the greatest issues in every character’s life. Beginning with the action that ultimately creates a domino effect for the rest of the story: Zeke’s entrance into the infected and walled city can be traced back to the notion of death. Zeke is troubled by his family’s ambiguous past as well as his family’s current living conditions, all of which revolve around the troubling rumors about his dead father and grandfather. Ultimately, Zekes note to his mom that reads, “My father was innocent, and I can prove it,” illustrates it is his father’s and grandfather’s
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deaths that push Zeke to risk his own life by going into the dangerous walled city to figure out the truth and attempt to save his family’s legacy (51).
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