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Primate taxonomy 2 - Catarrhini(Old World Monkeys& Apes...

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The Order Primates Sub-order Infra- order Superfamily Family Subfamily Common Name Strepsirrhini Lemuri- formes Lemuroidea Cheirogaleidae Dwarf & Mouse Lemurs Lemuridae “True” Lemurs Lepilemuridae Sportive lemurs Indriidae Daubentoniidae Aye-aye Lorisi- formes Lorisoidea Lorisidae Lorises & Pottos Galagidae Bushbabies Haplorrhini Tarsii- formes Tarsioidea Tarsiidae Tarsiers Platyrrhini (New World Monkeys) Ceboidea Callitrichidae Tamarins & Marmosets Goeldi’s Monkey Aotidae Owl monkeys Cebidae Capuchin & squirrel monkeys Pithecidae Titi monkeys Saki monkeys Atelidae Howlers Spider, Woolly & Woolly Spider Monkeys
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Unformatted text preview: Catarrhini (Old World Monkeys & Apes) Cercopithecoidea Cercopithecidae Colobinae Leaf Monkeys Cercopithecinae “Cheek pouch” Monkeys Hominoidea (Apes) Hylobatidae Gibbons & Siamang Hominidae (Great Apes & Humans) Ponginae Orangutan Homininae Gorilla Chimpanzee Bonobo Human Only subfamilies you need to know for the course are listed above. This classification is from: Mitani, J., Call, J.P., Kappeler, P.M., Palombit, R.A., & Silk, J.B. (editors), in press . Evolution of Primate Societies , University of Chicago Press....
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