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1 SOCIOLOGY 30.01 SOCIOLOGY OF THE FAMILY SPRING 2011  T/TH  11:15-12:30 108 FORUM Instructor: Dr. Stacy Silver Office: 1006 Oswald Tower E Mail: [email protected] Office phone: 865-8798 Office hours: T 1:00-3:00 PM and by appointment Graduate TA Supervisor: Lydia Hayes [email protected] Teaching Assistants: Greyson Caravan [email protected] Anna Johnson [email protected] Andrea Lauser [email protected] Alessandra Sonoga [email protected] Michele Weiss [email protected] TA contact office hour information will be posted on ANGEL early in the semester. COURSE DESCRIPTION Sociology of the family (GS). Current research findings and key sociological concepts related to 1) US family as a social institution, 2) US family relationship processes, and 3) selected US family issues over the life course including family and economy, gender, sexuality and hooking up, childbirth, cohabitation, parenting, marriage, divorce, and remarriage. COURSE GOALS This Course is About Things We All Care About: Love, Family, Relationships. This is Some of the Most Interesting and Useful Material There Is! I have designed this course to help you: 1. Understand some of the key sociological concepts related to family relationships; gender, 2. Identify current trends in family life and some historical factors that contributed to them
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2 3. Understand the ways our culture shapes our beliefs and choices about family life (sociological imagination, social construction) 4. Question whether our socially constructed ideas make sense and are right for you 5. Understand the sociological imagination and practice using it to look at your own life 6. Get information about things you can do to change your relationships COURSE READINGS Course readings come from 2 sources: 1. Packet of readings ( Sociology of the Family , Stacy Silver) available only at the Student Bookstore on College Ave. If you buy the packet you will need to get the following 3 readings from e reserves through the library: 1. Anderson, The Polygamists 2. Reiter, Mamma Don’t Preach 3. Smith, Daddy Dilemma We will NOT READ the following 5 readings in the packet: 1. Diana Gittins, ‘The Family in Question’ 2. Kathryn Edin and Joanna Reed, ‘Why Don’t They Just Get Married 3. Diane Vaughan, Introduction to Uncoupling 4. Diane Vaughan, Chapter 2 of Uncoupling, The Display of Discontent 5. Stephanie Staal , Introduction to The Love They Lost 2. E reserves through the library All of the readings for the course are available on E reserves through the library for you to print or read online. To access the readings on Electronic Course Reserves through the library: 1) Library home page 2) Course reserve 3) Search by my last name or class number To access the readings on Electronic Course Reserves through ANGEL course page: 1) Resources tab 2) Penn State Library Tools 3) Library Reserves On electronic reserve the readings are shown in alphabetical order by the title. They are not in the order of the syllabus.
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