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Sociology 030 Exam 1 Lecture Notes

Sociology 030 Exam 1 Lecture Notes - Sociology 030 Exam 1...

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Sociology 030 Exam 1 Notes: What is sociology and why is it important? Part 1: Culture - Sociology helps us look at things and people we don’t understand o We tend to question, reject, or judge things we don’t understand - Culture influences everything we think, do and believe Some Characteristics of American Culture: - fast food - big spaces - excessive things - wastefulness - little pub transport Characteristics of College Culture: - independence - drinking - hooking up - THON Culture: - What is culture? It is the physical and emotional world of a distinct group of people. o Physical (some examples): iPod, work, food, clothing, behavior, art, tools o Emotional: beliefs, attitudes, religion, spirituality, stories Part 2: Sociology and the Contexts Around Us - Sociology helps us understand our culture o What is sociology? Sociology is: It is the scientific study of human social life with interest in finding patterns o The way of looking at things is called sociological imagination Sociological imagination: when we consider how culture and history influences lives and then how our choices influence these contexts - Contexts we deal with: o Global Context: Climate change, war, food quality, globalization, global economy, peace, loss of species, time in history o National Context: economy, political system, laws, cultural values, media, religious climate o Community Context: access to jobs, schools, racial attitudes, religious climate, resources for kids, peer influence, wealth of area o Home Context: family composition, parents’ values, religious training, sibling relations, money, rules - Each person is surrounded and influenced by many contexts/cultures o Contexts and cultures are always interrelated and always in action in the US Part 3: How Do We Explain the Things We See? - We rely on private and public explanations - Private: relies on qualities of an individual to explain a behavior/situation o Example: personality affects the judgments you make o Private explanations can be an excuse or judgment Private explanations are useful when an even is rare - Public: include as aspects of the individual’s social context to explain the behavior Part 4: “That’s How I Was Raised” - Determinism vs. Freedom - Determinism: we are the product of our social world o Culture, environment, and socialization determine who we are o We are “molded” and have to conform Culture/society will never support you being you Society/culture has no care for your freedom or happiness
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Sociology 030 Exam 1 Lecture Notes - Sociology 030 Exam 1...

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