Sociology 030 Exam 2 Notes

Sociology 030 Exam 2 Notes - Sociology 030 Exam 2 Notes...

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Sociology 030 Exam 2 Notes Brainstorm: What is Love? - Acceptance - Comfort - Support - Affection - Loyalty - Sacrifice - Deep Connection - Selflessness - Sexual - Trust - Forgiving! Part 1: Our Ideas About Love Have Changed Over Time - Early Romantic Love – “Courtly Love”: o Love was a luxury for knights and the nobility Romantic love was for the privileged class o Knights and ladies only and it involves an affair “Love from afar” o Unclear if the relationship was physical o Relationship does not last long o Relationship is about jealousy and obsession o Roles of the man and woman: “She” is pure, virtuous and thus is distant, removed, and chaste “He” worships her, serves her, and protects and fights for her - From the idea of courtly love, we get the idea of courtesy (chivalry) o Chivalry: moral code of European knights that requires them to behave honorably and to protect, defend, and serve the weak, defenseless aka women! A lot of ideas about chivalry was inspired by the Islamic cultures - Love is a SOCIAL CONSTRUCTION! - Definitions of love affect our: o Our thinking, behavior, expectations, and happiness Part 2: Need Based Love and Acceptance Based Love - Need based love characteristics: o We expect partners to: Fill ALL of each other’s needs Change themselves to make us happy Make each other feel happy, secure, and loved Love each other equally Earn/Keep love Need based love: makes partners responsible for our own happiness, more about taking than giving and taking, equal intensity in love, if partner does not do what you wish for them to do, you can say that you “hate” them, the partner can lose their identity since you expect them to conform to what you want o When we think from need based love: We make the relationship and the other person responsible for our happiness We don’t look at our contributions to the problems (it’s always the other person’s fault) We find it easy to say it’s the other person’s fault When the other person doesn’t do what WE want, we threaten to end the relationship or decide we “hate” them - Alternative to need based love: either find another partner, live in misery, or acceptance based love - Acceptance Based Love: o We expect partners to: Be who they are Take responsibility for their own life and happiness
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Respect each other as a separate person Choose/not choose relationship Communicate honestly o When we think from acceptance based love: We are responsible for own behavior and choose to stay or leave We make our own life good Love is just the cherry on top of our already good life - Identifying whether you have a need or acceptance based love (case study): o Need based love has: Guilt trips Questions about commitment Threats of breaking up o Acceptance based love: Less guilt tripping, more trust More understanding and accommodating Finds the good in the situation
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Sociology 030 Exam 2 Notes - Sociology 030 Exam 2 Notes...

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