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Sociology Exam 4 Notes - Sociology Exam 4 Notes - Families...

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Sociology Exam 4 Notes - Families Change: Divorce/Stepfamilies o Most of the difficult things about divorce could be prevented/dealt with by parents if they chose to do so o Our problems with divorce comes from our expectations of marriage and romantic love Part 1: Facts - Families Change: Divorce o The increase in divorce was one of the most profound changes in family life in the 20 th century - In the mid 1800s, 5% of all marriages would end in divorce o Private explanation mostly applies to account for this - Today, about half of all marriage will end in divorce - How common is divorce? o Refined Divorced rate: The number of divorces per 1000 married women age 15 and over Refined divorce rate: Divorce peaked in ANALYZE THE DIVORCE RATE GRAPH! o Does not measure desertions o Divorce rate levels off after 1980s - Current occurrence of divorce = 50% o At this rate, 50% of current marriages will end in divorce by 25 years o Class: percent of our students with divorced parents = 26% o Class: percent of our students who think they might get a divorce one day: 59~60% Divorce culture is evident we live in a divorce culture Part 2: How Do We View Divorce? Cultural Stories - Brainstorm: 5 things you think of when you think of divorce o Mistrust, Drifting apart, Animosity, Domestic violence, Dividing shared life, Stress, Moving out, Upset kids, Single moms, Money, Cheating - What does divorce mean in our culture? o Every story is told from one person’s point of view - The dominant story of divorce: o Become bitter enemies o Women destroy men o Women enjoy destroying men o Divorce is no big deal o Divorce is a chance for a better sex life o Divorce lets you move on to something better o Children are destroyed o Families are destroyed o Personal happiness is the most important thing - Ahron: “No Easy Answers” o Ongoing conflict between divorced parents makes it harder for them to adjust to divorce o Divorce may be harder because of our cultural stories - Similar dominant story of divorce from men’s and women’s perspectives - What is positive about divorce? o Brainstorm: out of a negative situation, opportunity to reconstruct a better home life, caring step parents - The meaning of divorce is socially constructed - Divorce (Family after divorce) o Tolerance, focus on child, forgiveness Part 3: What happens in Divorce - An affair is NEVER why a relationship ends
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Sociology Exam 4 Notes - Sociology Exam 4 Notes - Families...

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