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Biol_426_Syllabus_2011-1 - Biol 426 Developmental...

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Biol 426 Developmental Neurobiology Spring 2011 Tuesday and Thursday 9:45 - 11:00 am, 118 Thomas Instructor: Gong Chen, Associate Professor Department of Biology Office: 224 LSB Office hour: by email appointment Email: [email protected] Biol 426 Developmental Neurobiology is designed to cover fundamental issues from neuron generation, neural network assembly, to high level of brain function such as learning and memory, and finally to the aging of the brain. Basic principles as well as current research articles will be mixed in lectures to teach students not only the background knowledge but also logic thinking behind scientific research. The instructor is a neuroscientist studying molecular mechanisms of synapse formation and synaptic plasticity, using multidisciplinary approaches including electrophysiology, fluorescence imaging, and molecular biology techniques. Neural stem cell research is a new direction in his lab. His faculty website is: http://www.bio.psu.edu/home/directory/homepages/guc2 It is highly recommended that students take Biol 469 (Instructor: Dr. L ü scher) before this course to gain some overview of neurobiology. Course material: Development of the Nervous System, 2006, 2 nd Edition. Editors: Sanes, Reh, and Harris. This text book only constitutes about half of all the lectures. The instructor has organized many lectures from other resources. All lecture materials will be posted in PowerPoint files on ANGEL. 1
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Biol 426 Syllabus: 1 Jan. 11 Introduction: from neuron to nervous system 2 Jan. 13 Neural induction and ectoderm Chapter 1 3 Jan. 18 Polarity and regionalization: part I Chapter 2 4 Jan. 20 Polarity and regionalization: current research 5 Jan. 25 Neural stem cells: generation and migration 6 Jan. 27 Neural stem cells: functional integration 7 Feb. 1 Neural stem cells: current research
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Biol_426_Syllabus_2011-1 - Biol 426 Developmental...

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