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Human Language - Human Language Is there a language...

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Human Language Is there a language instinct? Non-verbal communication Crying, Laughter Mamillary body- involved with the processing of recognition memory. Cingulated cortex- It is an integral part of the limbic system, which is involved with emotion formation and processing, learning, and memory, and is also important for executive function and respiratory control. receives inputs from the thalamus and the neocortex, and projects to the entorhinal cortex via the cingulum, which is responsible for communication between components of the limbic system Grooming Dissipates tension (partial functional analog) Evolution of Language Natural Meaning in Monkey calls Facial and manual gestures in apes Human-taught language in apes Brain anatomy and imaging Modest clues from fossils (Language from ape-gesturing?—hands and mouth so potential protocultural variation in some gestures) APE LANGUAGE STUDIES Learning sign language, chimps and bonobos learn Yerkish, (both passed on from mom to young), bonobos may be better than chimps up to 2.5 year old child. Evolutionary Brain Expansion Tripling of brain size from human to ape, increase in cortical complexity-rewired and running hot Encephalization: Mammals: 1.0 without primates, primates 2.0 without humans), humans 7.6 basically brain to body ratio (estimation of brain mass given the mass of animal) indirect measure of intelligence Austrolapithicenes midly lateralized-separation of the brain into 2 distinct hemispheres
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Human Language - Human Language Is there a language...

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