Lecture 1 - L ecture 1 (Ethology) A r ticle-we rely on bees...

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Lecture 1 (Ethology) Article-we rely on bees for pollinating our food, parasite wiping them out—viral strain knocking them out mainly in hygeienic bees (they spread it faster) Zoonoses-bird flu Using dolphins and seals as border security Darwin-Principles of Expression-ritualization, evolution of emotions, and evolution of communications Instinct-behaviors seem to be biologically associated (mainly focused on evolutions of patterns of behavior or instincts) What is Ethology? Ethology is the systematic study of the behavior of animals (also humans) under natural conditions (behavior is the pacemaker of evolution—it determines how individuals will involve)-Mayr Sociobiology Wilson-identifies that a minority of animals live in social groups Most important novelties discoveries according to Wilson: Important novelties are sign stimuli/modality of communication/neuro-endocrinological foundations of behavior/ manifestations of kin selection Lorenz, Tinbergen, and Frisch-won awards for their work on elicitation of social behavior and social behavior patterns Early Approaches of Behavior Comparative Psychology : North American, white rat, learned behavior, laboratory control of variables
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Lecture 1 - L ecture 1 (Ethology) A r ticle-we rely on bees...

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